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Student Dress Code


Statement of Intent

A student dress code lies within the school code of behaviour and consists of an agreed standard and items of clothing. It clearly explains the standards of acceptable dress in relation to clothing, headwear and footwear worn by students as well as other aspects of their personal presentation. The student dress code reflects school community standards and are consistent with occupational health and safety and anti-discrimination legislation as well as the 'Sun Safety Strategy'.


At Cooroy State School students must wear full school uniform when:

  • attending or representing their school;
  • travelling to and from school; and
  • engaging in school activities out of school hours.


The student dress codes provides clothing that aims to contribute to a safe and supportive teaching and learning environment through:

  • easy identification of students and non-students at school;
  • fostering a sense of pride and belonging;
  • developing equity and mutual respect among students by minimising visible evidence of economic or social differences;
  • the opportunity for students to feel respect for themselves and others because of their positive image; and
  • a lower cost to families in the long term.

Appropriate Dress

The Cooroy State School uniform consists of:

Summer uniform

Winter uniform (additional to Summer uniform)


  • school polo shirt
  • school shorts


  • zip up jacket/fleecy sweatshirt
  • long cargo pants
  • bootleg pants
  • vest


  • school polo shirt
  • school shorts/skort
  • school panel dress



  • closed in jogging shoes, preferably black
  • ankle socks, preferably white
  • hat





Sports uniform



  • sports house polo shirt
  • sports shorts
  • closed in jogging shoes, preferably black
  • ankle socks, preferably white
  • hat




  • 'rashie' recommended
  • girls – one piece bathing suit



* All uniform items are available for purchase from the P&C Uniform Shop located at the school.

Cooroy State School has an ‘No Hat, No Play’ policy. Students who are in the sun and not wearing a hat will be directed back to shaded/covered areas of the school.

Throughout the year, free dress days may be organised by the Student Leadership Committee. Parents/carers will always be notified through a letter or flyer of these events. On free dress days the following dress standards apply:

  • all clothing items must be Sunsmart;
  • no inappropriate logos, slogans or wording; and
  • fully closed in footwear.

Inappropriate Dress

Inappropriate dress refers to clothing, headwear, footwear or jewellery worn by students that is deemed to be:

  • offensive
  • likely to disrupt, or negatively influence normal school operations;
  • unsafe for the student or others; and
  • likely to result in a risk of health and safety of the student or others.


At Cooroy State School, inappropriate dress includes:

  • hair colour other than natural colours. Shoulder length hair should be tied up or tied away from the face. Hair accessories should not be decorative but practical in nature and should be in the school colours.
  • all jewellery, with the exception of:

bracelets/necklaces of a ‘medic-alert’ or similar

items of religious significance for students actively involved with religion

a maximum of one stud/sleeper earring for each ear lobe

a wrist watch

  • nose rings/studs, eyebrow rings, or other facial/body piercing;
  • make-up and coloured nail polish; and
  • badges or clothing attachments other than those distributed by the school.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

As the student dress code lies within the school code of behaviour, any breaches will be dealt with according to the steps outlined in the school code of behaviour taking into consideration the severity and repetition of the offence. Consequences for a breach of the student dress code could include:

  • Being directed to change into appropriate school supplied clothing;
  • Parental notification;
  • Detention during lunch times;
  • Non-attendance or participation in activities where the student is representing the school; or
  • Non-attendance or participation in any school activity that is not an essential school educational program.


Students not in full school uniform are expected to bring a note explaining the reason, and give this note to their classroom teacher.

Support for families is provided through the availability of second hand uniforms. In circumstances of financial hardship, parents/carers are encouraged to contact the school office on (07) 5472 2100 to assist in helping your child to wear full school uniform every day.